Permit Applications & Forms

Animal Care & Control Department

  1. Multi-Pet Permit (PDF)

Building Safety Department

  1. Accessory Building Permit Application (PDF)
  2. Building Permit (Electrical) (PDF)
  3. Building Permit (Mechanical) (PDF)
  4. Building Permit (Plumbing) (PDF)
  5. Certificate of Occupancy Application Package (PDF)
  6. Commercial Building Permit Application (PDF)
  7. Contractor Registration (PDF)
  8. Demolition Permit Application (PDF)
  9. Drive Approach Permit Application (PDF)
  10. Fence Application (PDF)
  11. Special Inspection Program(PDF)
  12. Garage Sale Application (PDF)
  13. Pool Alarm and Fence Affidavit (PDF)
  14. Residential Building Compliance Certificate (PDF)
  15. Residential Building Compliance Path (PDF)
  16. Residential Building Permit Application (PDF)
  17. Swimming Pool Hold Harmless (PDF)
  18. Swimming Pool & Spa Permit Application (PDF)
  19. Temporary Tent Permit (PDF)
  20. Temporary Trailer Permit Application (PDF)

Engineering Department

  1. Right-of-Way Permit (PDF)
  2. Floodplain Development Permit (PDF)

Environmental Services Department

  1. Floodplain Development Permit Application (PDF)

Fire Department

  1. Above Ground Storage Tank Permit (PDF)
  2. Access Control System Permit (PDF)
  3. Chemical Extinguishing System Permit (PDF)
  4. Elevator Install Permit (PDF)
  5. Fire Alarm Install Permit (PDF)
  6. Fireworks-Blasting Permit (PDF)
  7. Gate Install Permit (PDF)
  8. Open Burning Permit (PDF)
  9. Permit General Requirements (PDF)

Parks & Recreation Department

  1. Special Event Permit Application (PDF)

Planning Department

  1. Construction Sign Application
  2. Development Sign Application
  3. Electronic Message Center Sign Application
  4. Gas Well Permit
  5. Gas Pipeline Permit
  6. Natural Gas Pipeline ROW Crossing License
  7. Permanent Sign Application
  8. Permission To Use Property For Event
  9. Promotional Sign Application
  10. Tree Removal Permit Application
  11. Special Event Permit Application
  12. Special Event Permit Packet

Police Department

  1. Alarm Permit
  2. Solicitation Permit

Street Operations

  1. Private Drain Pipe Permit Application and Standard Detail (PDF)