Jail Employment Opportunities

Correctional Officer Starting Salary- $41,300

Correctional Officer Job Description:

Under the direct supervision and on an assigned shift, responsible for enforcing rules and regulations, preventing escapes, maintaining order and discipline among inmates, and for escorting inmates to and from their cells.

Control Room Operator Starting Salary-$37, 000

Control Room Operator Job Description:

Under direct supervision and on an assigned shift, maintains surveillance and controls the movement of corrections personnel, visitors, and inmates throughout different parts of the facility, including opening and closing security passages to allow for movement. Operates the switchboard in the control room, and also monitors the goings-on in various parts of the facility through closed circuit TV, radios and audio monitors. In some instances, answers phone calls and reserves the responsibility to transfer the calls to the right location. Communicates to Police Dispatch or other first responders in an emergency situation. Maintains control, surveillance and accurate documentation and communication of activities during a crisis or facility evacuation incident until relieved from station.

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